Clearly Drinks announces partnership with Huel

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UK soft drinks manufacturer, Clearly Drinks, has announced a new partnership with leading complete nutrition brand, Huel, as it continues to expand its offering into new growing drinks categories.

Clearly Drinks and Huel have teamed up to create two new SKUs for the health food and drink market, launching a sparkling canned drink with 26 vitamins & minerals that offers up to 154 added health benefits including vitamin C, D and Iron, allowing Clearly Drinks to diversify further into the functional drinks category as consumer behaviours continue to change and more shoppers look for food and drink that not only tastes good but will do them some good.

The new partnership comes as Clearly Drinks announces that it has successfully rolled out 85 new SKUs across its contract pack portfolio over the last 12 months, something that is a testament to the dynamic and agile workforce at the Southwick manufacturing site, allowing the team to meet the briefs and timeframes of new clients and national brands effectively, with new drinks out to market in as quickly as six weeks.

Mick Howard, CEO of Clearly Drinks, commented: “This is a very exciting time for the business as we continue to grow our portfolio of contract pack clients with our dynamic and agile operations and ability to produce quality product in timescales that meets their needs as national brands. Huel is a heavyweight in the nutritional health market so it’s a privilege to be able to work with them on something brand new. We are continuously looking ahead and evolving our capabilities in order to diversify into new drinks categories, so we look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

Huel founder, Julian Hearn, added: “I’m incredibly proud of the latest launch from Huel, our Daily A-Z Vitamin drink. It’s taken over two years and more than 100 concept iterations to get to the tastiest and most comprehensive functional drink on the market. This allows Huel to move into a massive new category and offer millions more potential new Hueligans a drink stacked with 154 health benefits that they can experience every day. Clearly Drinks has been by our side every step of the way and I thank them for their contribution to this exciting new product launch.”

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