AMP to consider closing Whitehouse, Ohio facility

Image: AMP

Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP) has notified employees and union representatives of the potential closure of its metal beverage can production facility in Whitehouse, Ohio, US, as part of its collective bargaining agreement. A final decision on this matter is expected before 31 December 2023.

“While the possibility of a plant closure is a difficult step to consider for our team members and our communities, we must take steps to balance capacity and demand” said Jens Irion, chief executive officer, AMP North America. “We are exploring ways to strengthen our regional manufacturing efficiencies, and will stay in close contact with our customers to meet and exceed product and service needs with the highest levels of quality and satisfaction.”

The Whitehouse production facility was built in 1974, with AMP can making operations commencing in 2016. The facility currently employs approximately 107 people, and encompasses approximately 295,332 square feet.

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