Mr Lyan collaborates with Whitebox on canned cocktail line

Image: Whitebox Cocktails

Bartender, Ryan ‘Mr Lyan’ Chetiyawardana, is joining forces with Whitebox Cocktails, the ready-to-pour cocktail brand founded by award-winning bartenders, to release three of his most iconic serves in a canned format.

This collaboration is part of Mr Lyan’s anniversary celebrations, as 2023 marks ten years since the world-renowned bartender opened his first venue.

The limited edition Mr Lyan x Whitebox collection features the Beeswax Old Fashioned, Stonewashed Cosmo and Bulletproof Espresso Martini – three cocktails that reflect the inventive style Mr Lyan and his team have honed over the past decade.

“I’m super excited to share the drop of these limited edition cocktails.” said Ryan Chetiyawardana. “My last ten years have been about good people collaborating with passion to do things that have never been done before. And we could only do this with our partner Whitebox Cocktails, who have been able to capture the integrity and weird and wonderful recipes in a can.

“This is the first time some of our incredible ingredients and cocktails have come to life outside of the bars in single serve format. I’ve created these in the way we recommend cocktails in the bars, based on mood and occasion and how the cocktail can enhance that. I hope you’ll agree, they’re magical drinks channelling the Lyan fun, expertly canned by Whitebox Cocktails!”

Contributing to the collaborative spirit of the project, designer Natasha Chetiyawardana– Ryan’s sister – has created striking, colourful labels for each serve, resonating with Mr Lyan’s playful yet premium approach to cocktails. In addition to creating her own supergraphics, she has also used a typeface by typographer, Seb McLauchlan, called GinTo; a typeface appropriately named after Gin & Tonics!

“Mr Lyan and his team have dreamed up some of the most inspired and innovative cocktails of the past decade,” said Ben Iravani, co-founder of Whitebox Cocktails. “It’s been a real honour to translate three of these famous serves into our signature ready-to-pour format, so for the first time people can enjoy the full experience of a world-class cocktail anytime, anywhere.”

The Mr Lyan x Whitebox cocktails are available to purchase from 15 November, stocked exclusively in Selfridges and priced at £6.50 per can. Just 2,000 cans of each serve have been produced.

Cocktail notes:

Beeswax Old Fashioned Mr Lyan Scotch Whisky, Brown Sugar, Douglas Fir Bitters; aged in beeswax (100ml, 28.9%)A one-off classic from Lyan history, the legendary Beeswax Old Fashioned. Ryan’s trademark riff on the slow-sipping classic uses Mr Lyan’s own Scotch Whisky and his decade-old method of ageing the cocktail in beeswax. Serve neat in a tumbler or over a big block of ice.

Stonewashed Cosmo Mr Lyan Bay Vodka, Cranberry Rosé, Limestone, Champagne Bitters (100ml, 18.4%)A Cosmo but not as you know it. Luxurious with champagne bitters, balanced with a bright minerality from limestone (yes, ‘stonewashed’) making the ideal aperitif. Chill well and serve in a coupe, or split over ice in two wine glasses and top with sparkling wine and ice for a cosmo spritz.

Bulletproof Espresso Martini Mr Lyan Bourbon, Cold Press Coffee Liqueur, Salted Butter, Coffee Husk Bitters (100ml, 18%)Mr Lyan’s take on an espresso martini, adding the sophisticated balance and velvety smoothness of bourbon and butter. The ultimate party fuel. Designed to be shaken and poured for one, or for two, share over ice, topped with good quality tonic water for a coffee americano.

Find the Mr Lyan x Whitebox collection in-store at Selfridges (£6.50 per can), or order online (6 can selection £42.00) at

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