ALFED launches UK Aluminium Manifesto

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Following the announcement that the UK will now face a general election on Thursday 4 July, the Aluminium Federation (ALFED) is launching the UK Aluminium Manifesto; a comprehensive document outlining key stipulations for the next UK government to prioritise and support the vital role of the aluminium manufacturing and processing sector in driving economic growth, sustainability, and energy security.

As the leading voice of the UK Aluminium Industry, ALFED is calling upon the next UK government to recognise and champion the vital role of aluminium in shaping the nation’s future. The UK Aluminium Manifesto underscores the significance of aluminium as an affordable, highly recyclable material that supports a global circular economy and forms an essential component of the modern UK economy.

The Manifesto, to be unveiled at the EnvironmentAl Sustainability Strategy Day at BMA House, London on Thursday 6 June 2024, outlines clear stipulations for the new government to regard aluminium manufacturing as a key contributor to the UK economy. It focuses on doubling down on policies for net zero, safeguarding energy security, and developing a clear industrial strategy to support sustainable aluminium production.

Commenting on the launch of the UK Aluminium Manifesto, ALFED’s Nadine Bloxsome stated: “The aluminium industry plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and innovation in the UK. The launch of the UK Aluminium Manifesto reaffirms our commitment to advocating for policies that support the growth and sustainability of the aluminium sector. By working together with policymakers and industry stakeholders, we can unlock the full potential of aluminium to drive economic prosperity and address the challenges of climate change.”

Key focus points of the manifesto include:

  1. Delivering an industrial strategy creating a level playing field
  2. Safeguarding energy security and net zero policies
  3. Political and policy stability
  4. Skills revolution and education reform
  5. Infrastructure investment and net zero economy

To see a preview of the manifesto prior to the lunch, visit:

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