Hulamin to supply aluminium can stock to Nampak

Hulamin, a supplier of aluminium products for can ends and tabs, has entered into a two and a half year agreement to supply aluminium sheets to South African can maker Nampak Bevcan.

Deliveries are expected to increase to 14,000 tons by 2015, in addition to the can end and tab stock Hulamin currently supplies.

The conversion of the can body to aluminium sheet in Southern Africa is a significant step in growing Hulamin’s local sales.

The majority of beverage cans globally are made from aluminium, partly due to their light weight, corrosion resistance and ability to be cooled rapidly, and also because aluminium cans are the most recycled package.

Hulamin is considering an appropriate investment in recycling infrastructure to procure used beverage cans and other secondary metal units available in South Africa and the regional market.

Nampak Bevcan is the only beverage can manufacturer in sub-Saharan Africa.





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