Founders Brewery forced to delay can launch

Founders Brewery has been forced to postpone the launch of its canned seasonal All Day IPA.

The brewer, launched in 1997 by co-founders Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers, said a “perfect storm” of events meant it would not be introducing the new package launch of All Day IPA in 12-pack cans in July.

The brewer had said in early May it would use Ball Corporation 12oz cans for the drink, which will be available across North America this summer.

The brewer has installed a series of new equipment including a new seamer on its new canning line (pictured), but the work has taken longer than expected.

However, a spokeswoman said: “Over the last couple of months we have been tight on production, and we have watched warehouse inventories, including ours and those of our distributors, affected by a perfect storm of activity.

“The good news is we’ve watched sales in our existing markets continue well beyond the craft industry average, and thus we’ve had to continue expanding our facility to meet future needs.”

But the not-so-good news for the brewer is the production facility expansion with an extension and improvements to its bottling line, the installation of a high-speed canning line and the addition of several 600 bbl fermenters is all taking “longer than anticipated.”

“Until we have built up core brand inventories in all markets again and are comfortable in meeting existing demand, these opportunities must wait a bit longer.

“We are confident this won’t take long and hope to be able to embark on these new projects as soon as possible. We appreciate your support and your patience with us as we grow.”

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