Applied Vision unveils new inspection system

Applied Vision has unveiled its new Cyclops inspection system at Metpack 2011.

The company is a leader in machine vision systems worldwide for the food and beverage industry.

The new system features one camera and can be used across a can line rather than at the end of one.

“We have had the concept for quite some time in terms of how machine vision needs to operate in a manufacturing environment,” says Amir Novini, president and CEO of Applied Vision. “It is somewhat of a departure from our end of the line inspection products. We are trying to bring more value to the customer. The machine has its own brain and has a very powerful camera in it.”

Although the new piece of equipment won’t be commercially available until next year, Novini is confident it will go on to be a big seller.

“Cyclops is the Greek mythology of the one eyed monster. This system has one eye and it’s a monster,” he notes.

To find out more about this system read the Metpack 2011 review in the June issue of CanTech International.

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