Low tin weights and nitrates causing concern

Low tin weights and nitrates are the two biggest factors affecting the can industry currently, according to a food research expert.

Alan Campbell of Campden BRI has can his in his blood his father was run a can making factory, as a student he worked in a can making factory and he now lives on the site of a former can factory.

He now works for what claims to be the largest food research company in the world and retains a special fondness for metal packaging.

Speaking at Euro CanTech last week, he said, “Framework regulation is the one that catches people out as it covers everything that come into contact with food.

“This includes vending machines operation, some operators don’t realise they’ve got water running into food contact services.”

Aside from educating the industry about regulation Campbell also highlighted several issues facing the industry including external corrosion and low tin weight.

He said, “Tin costs money. We’re seeing cans from some areas with very low levels of tin.”

Campbell also highlighted internal problems impacting on cans he added that nitrate in products was also leading to de-tinning.

He added, “Nitrate in the water supply gets in the end product, in the past we’ve seen major recalls in tomatoes a few years ago.”

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