Sencon non-contact Back End Gauges to launch at Metpack

At Metpack (Essen, Germany, May 6-10) Sencon will be launching both automatic and semi-automatic versions of a new non-contact Back End Gauge for measuring dimensional features on finished cans. Both gauges use Sencon’s own proven solid-state optical technology to replace the mechanical contact transducers used on conventional systems, which are subject to wear, sticking and contamination. This means less gauge downtime and greater gauge confidence.

With no wear parts and negligible maintenance, the need for specialist support or spares is significantly lower than other systems, according to the company, thereby reducing overall lifetime costs. Non-contact metrology also allows a wide range of can body diameters, neck diameters and can heights to be measured without the need for any adjustments or change parts, so just one gauge will serve a plant making multiple can sizes.

Optical metrology gives greater confidence in the gauge results because the can does not deform while being measured. Accuracy is also maintained by the gauges monitoring and checking their own drift and thermal stability each time a batch is started. If preset limits are exceeded the gauges automatically re-calibrate.

One of the most significant challenges for canmaking test and inspection is that these changing parameters will require ever tighter process capability (Cpk). Sencon’s optical scanning metrology will apparently provide future proofing against these rapidly evolving demands.

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