Crown selects Gordian Strapping machines

Gordian Strapping, an end-of-line specialist in pack and pallet securement, has supplied 10 new OMS Side Seal Compression Strapping Machines to Crown Packaging. Seven have been installed at Crown Bevcan in Botcherby, Carlisle and three at Crown Braunstone in Leicestershire.

Crown needed to replace 10 strapping machines, which had reached the end of their working lives and for which spare parts were becoming hard to obtain. Gordian supplied 10 OMS 875 A/B Side Seal Strapping Machines each equipped with an OMS TR14 HD Strapping Head and a 500kg press. The OMS TR14 HD Head is designed for use with Polyester Strapping. It is capable of applying a maximum tension of 2300 Newtons. The Heat Seal technology in the Strapping Head means that that a full service is only required every 200,000 cycles. Other features include: auto strap loading, auto strap re-feed, strap in place signal and automatic heater blade cleaning.

At Botcherby, Gordian installed five Side Seal Compression Strappers on five separate lines, and two cross strappers (without compression), shared between the five lines. At Braunstone, Gordian installed two Side Seal Compression Strappers on two separate lines, and one cross strapper (without compression), shared between the two lines.

Paul Tinkler, engineering manager at Crown Braunstone, comments: “The three new strappers and guarding packages were installed on two busy 24/7 beverage lines with restricted access and in a very tight downtime schedule, but were commissioned with minimal disruption and downtime.”

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