Canned food popular in the UK

The UK population is increasingly using canned food in cooking, with consumers spending £2.4 billion on canned goods in 2013 – an increase of £3.2 million on the previous year.

99.3% of the UK population now buys canned food products, making canned goods more popular than the frozen, cheese, milk, bread, alcohol and fresh meat markets.

Approximately 1.3 billion kilograms of goods were sold during 2013, with each household in the UK spending an average of £90.80 on canned goods in a year – more than they do on fresh beef (£89.01) and cooked meats (£88.08).

However, there is still some way to go to educate the population on the benefits of eating canned food, according to the not-for-profit organisation Canned Food UK. In order to raise awareness of the can and its nutritional benefits, Canned Food UK will be running the second annual Canned Food Week from April 14 – 20 2014.

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