The Outlook for Metal Cans report

Omega Research Associates has published the third edition of The Outlook for Metal Cans. The report looks at the competitive position of metal cans around the world, including end-use markets, growth prospects, environmental considerations, and the impact of competitive materials and systems.

The report found that the US market for metal cans is in its mature stage, and some contraction can be expected. Beverage can demand is declining as consumption of carbonated soft drinks continues to fall. Metal can shipments for human food have declined steadily, and the food can picture would be bleaker if not for the steady demand for pet food cans.

In other parts of the world however, metal can demand is increasing as urbanisation spreads, incomes rise and living standards improve. Beverage can demand is on the rise due to increased beer consumption in emerging markets such as Brazil, China, and Vietnam. Canned food is also doing well as the new middle class gravitates to the convenience of prepared foods.

The report also found that, while the metal can industry is dominated by large multinationals in developed countries, local and regional suppliers are doing well in emerging markets such as the Middle East and China.

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