Germânia 55 launches in lightest aluminium bottle

Rexam has secured another share of the recently established Brazilian aluminium bottle market with Germânia 55 beer in Fusion bottles. It is the first beverage of this type to be launched in the Fusion bottle, considered to be the lightest bottle in the South American market.

“After the success of Germânia 55 in 24oz cans, we believe the partnership between Rexam and NewAge will score another goal. Fusion has brought another innovation opportunity to the Brazilian market with a packaging option that is sustainable and has a youthful appeal,” said Tiago Avena, Rexam’s commercial manager in South America.

Rexam’s Marketing specialist in South America, Bruna Resano, added: “The aluminium bottles showcase the High Definition technology, which will further enhance the product’s premium and sophisticated visual identity.”

Produced in the Czech Republic and bottled in Brazil, the new packaging will be available in supermarkets in July.

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