Rexam and SABMiller selected to produce Birell beer cans

Rexam has collaborated with brewing company SABMiller to produce a range of new designs for non-alcoholic Birell beer cans.

The cans incorporate Rexam’s thermochromic inks and matt over finish. The thermochromic inks change colour when the beverage reaches the ideal temperature for consumption, and the matt over varnish adds a soft finish.

Commenting on the partnership with Rexam, Petr Kouble, brand manager of Birell says, “Product differentiation is key for Birell and we knew we could rely on our established relationship with Rexam to deliver. We worked together to develop a creative range of new designs that will stand out in a competitive market place and that our customers will love.”

The 500ml cans, produced out of the Rexam’s Enzesfeld plant in Austria, will be on shelf in Czech Republic in spring 2015.

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