Rexam’s slim can chosen for calorie-burning drink

Slim aluminium cans from Rexam have been chosen as the package of choice for new calorie burning drink Aspire.

Rexam Beverage Can Europe worked with CAAC Vienna to create an eye-catching can for new calorie burning drink Aspire, on behalf of Fahrenheit60.

Aspire is the first calorie burning soft drink in Europe and has been proven to burn, on average, 209 calories per can. Aimed at women of all ages, the premium drink was first launched at a nightclub party and is soon to be seen at the Britain’s Next Top Model catwalk show.

CAAC chose the sleek look of Rexam’s 250ml slim can produced at Rexam’s Enzesfeld plant to reflect the health benefits of the product inside.

Darren Linnell, director of Fahrenheit60, said: “Aspire is a drink for a modern woman. It’s clean, fresh and above all healthy. We have had positive feedback on the design of the can from consumers in the UK, and we really feel that Rexam’s slim can compliments the image of the product. The cans give the drink a premium feel that really appeals to our female consumers, as well as helping to make our product stand out.”

Harald Moser, sales director Austria at Rexam, added: “We have worked with CAAC for nearly five years and it was great to be able to help them develop a new product. It’s brilliant to see our cans project the image of a product so well and get good consumer feedback. We look forward to working with CAAC again when Fahrenheit60 develop new flavours of Aspire in the future.”

Aspire in slim cans went on sale in May 2010 in the UK, Europe and across the world.

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