Tactile can helps German brewer celebrate brand’s 100th anniversary

Ball Packaging Europe is helping Germany’s König Brewery celebrate the 100th anniversary of its König Pilsener premium brand with the introduction of its first 568ml can.

The cans are printed with a tactile surface to give them a shining finish. The 568ml can also gives consumers an extra 13.5% volume. The anniversary edition has already hit the shelves in Germany.

Founded by Theodor König in the rural community of Beeck on the lower Rhine in 1858, the ‘König Brauerei’ specialised in brewing Pilsner-style beer from an early stage. The first recorded mention of the König Pilsener brand dates from 1911, making it Germany’s first premium pils. Known in Germany as ‘KöPi’ for short, the beer sells today alongside two others in the product portfolio: the non-alcoholic König Pilsener Alkoholfrei and from March 2011 a lemonade shandy, König Pilsener Radler.

The König Brewery markets its three brands in various containers. For the anniversary edition it chose a can. Unit sales of cans went up by 46% in Germany during the last year. According to the European industry association, BCME, this growth reflects popularity among consumers combined with innovative formats and designs that make beverage cans an attractive eye-catcher on the grocery store shelf.

For the anniversary edition, the König Brewery additionally opted for a new format made possible by the lifting of EU packaging size restrictions in 2009. The 568 ml can gives consumers 13.5% more content.

The König Pilsener anniversary can also features an attention-grabbing design. The central feature is the brand logo, a gold crown on a circular red background with a gold surround, decorating a large area on the front and back of the can. The crown and the surround are printed in tactile ink, setting them apart to the touch from the smooth remaining surface of the can.

“The tactile printing process and the choice of colours create a unique look and feel that goes perfectly with the König Pilsener brand,” explains Holger Grabow, sales manager at Ball Packaging Europe. “The logo already has a premium sheen to it. Now it also has an unmistakable texture that actually gives it a high-quality feel as well.”

Henner Höper, marketing director at König Pilsener, added: “We are issuing the anniversary can to say thank you to our customers for their long-term loyalty and to give them something back at the same time. Thanks to their unusual presentation, the anniversary cans clearly stand out among rival products on the grocery store shelf, creating an added incentive to buy, right at the point of sale.”

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