Feilong selects Rexam cans

Feilong has selected Rexam to produce a can for its new traditionally-inspired rice beer. The can uses various ink combinations to incorporate Feilong’s Chinese cultural influence; two shades of white re-create a traditional Chinese silk pattern, and the Feilong symbol – meaning flying dragon – is brought to life with an array of colours.

Jonnie Cahill, marketing director for Heineken Russia says, “Authenticity is integral to the Feilong brand and we chose Rexam for their design and manufacturing expertise to bring this to life. We were confident they would be able to translate the brand truths onto the can to create a stand out design and we are delighted with the outcome – we know our customers will love it.”

Marianne Freund, marketing programme manager for Rexam Europe says, “We were extremely excited to work with Feilong on this project. The design process was quite complex but we had a fantastic communication line between Feilong, our design team and the plant, ensuring the smooth delivery of the stunning can.”

The cans were launched in February this year and are being produced out of Rexam’s Argayash plant in Russia and are available across Eastern Siberia and Far East regions of Russia.

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