New lid offers easier opening

Danish can maker Glud & Marstrand has launched a plastic laminated aluminium lid for rectangular meat cans.

The new easyALUtop has been designed to reduce the opening force of a can.

Consumers have been asking for a lid that offers a lower opening force, and with the introduction of the easyALUtop, Glud & Marstrand is meeting customers’ demand.

The product offers the combination of a strong can body of tinplate with the low opening force of an aluminium end.

The new easyALUtop reduces the tear force by 60% and pop force by approximately a third.

Like ordinary aluminium lids the new easyALUtop minimises the risk of consumers cutting their fingers as easyALUtop has no sharp edges.

The retailers also benefit from the new and stronger combination of a steel can and an easyALUtop as the product is more shock-resistant prior to reaching the shelves in the supermarkets.

The easyALUtop has been developed in collaboration with the Japanese can maker Toyo Seikan. Glud & Marstrand has entered a worldwide licensing agreement with Toyo Seikan on the technology and material used for the rectangular easyALUtop.

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