ServoDirect technology transforms Schuler

ServoDirect technology offers Schuler products increased productivity, flexibility and energy efficient.

Schuler has recently equipped its CupFormer for the economic production of cups for DWI cans with this new performance enhancing technology.

It promises to achieve the maximum output per time for each cup while being able to address its individual forming process requirements – cups for standard beverage cans, or even reverse-drawn cups for aerosol or bottle cans.

As well as this, different jobs can be taken on and machine use can be maximized. Each job can be run at the highest speed possible, getting more products from the invested equipment and driving up profitability.

However, with the Servo technology the machine driven by servos is also able to produce at very slow speed avoiding big buffers between cupper and body maker.

At the same time, the amount of mechanical and electrical loss is reduced due to the elimination of flywheel, clutch, brake and drivebelt. This makes overall energy consumption more favourable and reduces the amount of maintenance and servicing required.






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