Tube of the Year 2015

This year’s European Tube Manafacturers Association competition demonstrates the European tube industry’s innovative capability.

This year’s focus was on design and decoration, closures and applications, sustainability and environmental protection. The winners of the Tube of the Year 2015 award were chosen during this year’s conference of ETMA, European Tube Manufacturers Association.

From the entries submitted, a qualified jury from the ranks of the association’s member companies selected winners in the Aluminium Tube, Plastic Tube, Laminate Tube and Prototype categories.

Gregor Spengler, secretary general at ETMA said, “The competition is an impressive demonstration of the creativity, innovativeness and capability of the European tube industry and provides important stimuli for further development and the acceptance of the tube as a packaging material in the market place.

“It is a valuable source of inspiration for packaging professionals and customers and allows them to recognise important trends.”

Besides tubes that are eco-friendly and produced in a sustainable manner, the particular trends this year were novel application systems and closures together with really unusual and stunning developments in design.

A tube from Tubex for Buly 1803, a Paris-based supplier of perfumes and other luxury articles, was the winner in the Aluminium Tube Category. The Laminate Tube category was won by Polyfoil tube with a so-called ‘Twist ‘n’ Use’ applicator that is produced by Hoffman Neopac of Switzerland for Safersonic.


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