A changing landscape

In this year’s CanTech MVPs list, unsurprisingly Ardagh feature strongly, with its CEO, Paul Coulson (‘The Cooler’ to some), at number three on the list.

Following its acquisition of a beverage can manufacturing business in April 2016, the Ardagh Group has announced that its revenue rose by 58% to €2.02bn last year. With specifics to its European metal packaging division, the company saw a 97% increase in revenue (€786m) in the three months to the end of June. The US unit recorded a total revenue of €434m in the same period and adjusted EBITDA of €68m.

In our analysis last year, we saw the divestment from Ball as a significant gamble for Ardagh, but so far it seems to be rolling out successfully. In the next issue of CanTech, we analyse the divestment seen, one year on. Is it really a whole year that has passed us by?

For those of you interested in our MVPs list, here it is for 2017:

13. Robert Gary

12. Anthony J. Allott

11. Stanislaw Wasko

10. Thierry Vanlancker

9. Ratan N Tata

8. Shu An

7. John G. Morikis

6. Lakshmi Mittal

5. Carlos Brito

4. Timothy J. Donahue

3. Paul Coulson

2. John. A Hayes

1. Daniel Abramowicz

There will be further announcements regarding both Asia CanTech and Euro CanTech this week. So please keep an eye on both websites for more.

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  1. Adrian says:

    How is Paul Coulson number three on the MVP list? It the list in reverse order?

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