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There has been some great news emanating from the UK retail industry recently, with the UK’s largest retailer Tesco becoming the first of the main supermarkets in the UK to offer customers the opportunity to purchase water in aluminium cans.

The cans themselves are in the shape of CanO Water’s range of stock, which went on sale from 30 July. The cans can purchased in the form of a £3 ‘meal deal’, with a sandwich and a packet of crisps.

This is of course great news. However, worryingly there has been no sign of them in my local Tesco and near to our offices at Bell Publishing. I hope the stores themselves are doing their best to make the cans accessible, and give the consumer the option of purchasing a can as opposed to a plastic bottle. It is a small thing, but accessibility is key.

A couple of news stories about this has had a couple of consumers commenting on that old elephant in the room – Bisphenol A and whether the water is safe to drink. Why does it appear to be one step forward and two steps back? Once again, to paraphrase a former British Prime Minister, it’s about education, education, education. Market the message, reassure the public and get people chatting about cans.

CanO Water’s PR team do a terrific job in promoting their brand, and for others within the metal packaging industry it’s worth a look. It’s contemporary, bold and relentless.

What are you doing to ensure cans are the packaging container of choice?

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