A bit of fun in a can…

We all need some lighthearted news at the moment and a product press release about canned beer that came through this week certainly provided that.

Salford Brewery Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co is launching a limited-edition Peanut Butter on a Jaffa Cake Stout to start its seventh birthday celebrations. Yes, you read that correctly! It’s not something I’m keen to try, but I could be pleasantly surprised.

The 7 Series are craft beers designed and created by each of the company’s McAvoy brothers to celebrate seven years in business together.

The series will be launching throughout the year to mark the July anniversary. Each beer will explore the interests, personalities, and quirks of the seven McAvoy brothers as they toast this landmark birthday.

Starting off the series is brother number six, Kit, who has crafted a nuttily sweet stout inspired by his favourite childhood snack – Peanut Butter on a Jaffa Cake. This unusual beer is 7% ABV and available in a 440ml can.

Speaking about his stout, director and export manager for Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co, Kit McAvoy, said: “The idea came from a snack I created for myself as a child. I loved peanut butter and I loved Jaffa Cakes and one day – like kids do – I thought why not try them together. I can safely say it is still one of my favourite snacks to this day, and something I am constantly introducing people too.

“It has been really fun taking well-known beers and flavours back to the drawing board and getting inventive with the brewing team. We are enormously proud of the last seven years and we hope people join us in celebrating this landmark.”

Kit added: “Have you ever had peanut butter on a Jaffa Cake? All I can say is, thank me later!”

We are seeing more and more inventive can designs and fillers in the industry and it will be interesting to see what the remaining six flavours from the brothers will be…

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