Early bird Asia CanTech rates

This week I want to bring your attention once again to the Asia CanTech 2021 conference – taking place from 25-27 October in Bangkok, Thailand – as our early bird rate will be closing on 23 May, so don’t miss out and register your attendance now.

The conference assembles technical experts from global suppliers and can makers, maximizing the channels of communication between key decision makers in the Asian metal packaging industry and providing can makers with access to the latest in efficient and flexible production technologies.

You can also enter the Asia CanTech Awards, which will be presented at the Asia CanTech Gala Dinner on 26 October.

The awards are open to all can and end makers who are based in or distribute their products in Asia. They are free to enter and you can choose as many categories as you want.

Contact the team for the address to send your cans/ends to by 17 September 2021. Entries should include a description and brief information about the can along with reasons why you think it’s a winning entry.The categories for this year’s awards are:

  • Aerosols
  • Beverage two-piece
  • Beverage three-piece
  • Decorative/Speciality
  • Ends/Caps/Closures
  • Food two-piece
  • Food three-piece
  • General Line
  • Innovation

Enter by completing this form and send it to our events manager Kyra O’Sheen at [email protected].

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