Thirst trapping

Coors Brewing Company’s Coors Light in the US has been showcasing its new ‘Thirst Trap’ invention the past week, which acts as a sort of snap-on funnel to your almost-finished beer can to trap mosquitos.

study has shown that drinking just 12oz of beer makes a person more susceptible to mosquito bites. In its promotional video, Coors Light says that ‘Officially humans love Coors Light beer, unofficially so do mosquitoes,’ so the Thirst Trap serves as a lure for the bugs to get their own beer (the top of the funnel reads ‘give mosquitos one final buzz’), while trapping them in the can so the consumer can continue to enjoy more beers in buzz- and bite-free peace. Lindsay Wesloski, marketing manager for Coors Light, states that “by doing so, we’re reclaiming outdoor spaces during the best parts of summer.”

While it’s great to see a campaign encourage what I’ve officially termed ‘Outside Time’ since lockdown, I don’t think Coors has thought everything through here, and probably could have strengthened its marketing with a sustainability message. For one, all Coors has divulged is that the Thirst Trap is made out of 3D printed resin – is this particular resin sustainability produced, is it recyclable? Of course, the trap is intended as forever-useful product, so maybe I’m thinking too much into that.

However, more importantly: putting cans in recycling is much more hassle-free when the cans are empty. If you’re throwing these cans in the bin after they’ve successfully trapped the mosquitos, then you might have a bigger problem on your hands with more bugs being attracted to the beer dregs that could be sloshing about in the bin… Plus, it’s much better to have clean, empty cans ready for the recycling process.

Still, the Thirst Trap has been in high demand, and Coors Light is only releasing a a limited number of traps each day at 10am CST, until 5 August. The marketing message is fun and light and the playful name of the product works well alongside the social media term it’s inspired by, (a thirst trap being an attractive photo posted online specifically to appeal to others).

From thirst traps to exciting B2B event news now, in case you missed it – we’ve announced our first keynote speaker for Asia CanTech, which is TCP Group’s CEO, Saravoot Yoovidhya. You can read more about Saravoot here, and if you’re yet to register for the conference in October, just follow this link:

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