Celebrating canned food month

February marks canned food month, and companies all over are encouraging people to reap the benefits and share recipes, as well as donating to those in need.

Canned food is currently saving people money, and replaces wastage of fresh food. As more and more people return to work in offices, canned food also represents the convenience of ready-to-eat that was present pre-Covid.

However, we can’t forget that lockdowns inspired in many a love of cooking, and companies are making sure that cans are still at the forefront, even for food accompaniments. Thanks to Darren Hawkings from Torus and his post on LinkedIn recently, which drew attention to Potts Partnership, a UK-based company making cooking sauces, gravy and stock etc, some of which are available in 500ml two-piece aluminium cans, as pictured above.

Innovative product packaging like this will hopefully help in switching more consumers on to the idea of metal packaging not just as functional and good for the environment, but also versatile and fun too.

If you see any canned products out ‘in the wild’ that you think are worthy of a mention, get in touch with us via social media (links below).

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