Milan via China and Hong Kong

I’ve been travelling and out meeting can makers and a can making equipment supplier over the past week.

It’s been pretty non-stop as I flew to Xiamen to see Baofeng Industry’s new end making plant.

The company is aiming to be the biggest end maker in the world and is currently creating what could be a very powerful new player in the end making industry.

The end making site is capable of producing 18 billion ends a year currently, and could push towards 23 billion when the plant is fully operational early in 2014.

From there via Hong Kong and London I arrived in Milan where I met with mall/herlan the can making equipment supplier.

The company is using what it says is German engineering and Italian styling.

Its new Bottlemaker is able to produce 500 bottles per minute and can, according to the firm, even achieve a rate of up to 3000cpm.

A full write up on both of these will be in the next issue of Cantech International due out in September.

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