Mexico offer new can sizes

The demand for beverage cans in Latin America continues to increase due to changes in modern retailers’ and consumers’ demands. In order to better serve beverage companies in the region, Crown has released two additional beverage can sizes, a 9.1oz sleek style and an 11oz standard format.

According to the latest reports from Euromonitor, the retail distribution and consumption patterns in key Latin American countries are changing, creating more opportunities for brands to leverage aluminium beverage cans to meet their needs.

Sergio Manuel Bustamante Hinojosa, supply chain director at Crown Mexico, explains, “We are very pleased to continue to expand our range of packaging solutions for beverage brands. Both of the new sizes are particularly attractive to customers in Colombia, where the 9.1oz can is quickly gaining popularity, while the 11oz can is already the traditional format used in the country.”

The new can sizes offer brands significant versatility in their packaging while also allowing them to compete with other popular beverage formats. The new formats also retain the same benefits as all aluminium cans, including providing an effective barrier to light that could impact product flavour, being quick to chill, stackable, light to transport and also being 100% and infinitely recyclable.

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