Aluminium can maintains pole positon

The aluminium beverage can remains the best choice for environmentally minded consumers, according to a report by the Aluminum Association and the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI).

The report suggests that consumers recycle aluminum beverage cans at rates 13-24 points higher than glass or plastic (PET) bottles. Aluminium cans also contain more than three times the amount of recycled content for glass or plastic at 70% on average, as well as the value of aluminium can scrap being more than four times that of plastic or glass. The high value of recycled aluminium material effectively subsidises municipal recycling programs nationwide.

“Everyday millions of Americans enjoy beverages out of lightweight, portable and highly recyclable aluminium cans,” said Heidi Brock, president and CEO of the Aluminium Association. “And as summer season kicks off in earnest, when more cans are sold than during any other time of the year, it’s good for consumers to know what cans are not only the convenient choice but also the sustainable choice,” she added.

Robert Budway, president at CMI, commented: “When it comes to sustainability, only one beverage container delivers unrivaled benefit, the aluminium can. That’s because cans are the ultimate with regard to recycling. In fact, aluminium is endlessly recyclable, and cans are the single most recycled beverage package in the United States. In a world that is increasingly concerned about scarce resources, aluminium cans have the ability to be recycled over and over, forever, without losing strength of quality.”

“While we saw a slight drop in aluminium can recycling in 2015 amid a decline in scrap prices, we’re pleased with the general trend line toward increased recycling over the past decade,” added Brock. “The Aluminium Association remains committed to doing what it can, in partnership with our membership, to recover and recycle as much aluminium as possible.”

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