Caldicot Metal Decorating enhances presses

Caldicot Metal Decorating has upgraded two of its presses, including a Crabtree FastReady four-colour press and a four-colour KBA MetalStar with high performance GEW UV curing systems to improve reliability and energy efficiency.

As part of a $1.9 million investment over the last two years, the company acquired a new press and, keeping in line with their focus on quality and safety, they also added two GEW UV system upgrades over the same period. Each UV system comprises three interdeck stations and three set stack UV lampheads based on GEW’s NUVA2 design with RHINO electronic power supplies.

Richard O’Neill, chief executive officer at Caldicot explained: “On our previous system we had issues with reliability and high energy consumption. Our clients demand excellent product quality and safety and expect us to be an environmentally responsible and competitive supplier. For this reason, it was our main objective to convert to a more efficient operation with substantial energy savings.

“GEW was able to offer us straightforward integration in our Crabtree and KBA presses with a comprehensive package of improved productivity and excellent energy efficiency. In ten years we have halved our total energy consumption. GEW’s NUVA2 with Rhino power supply has achieved a 26% reduction in dryer electricity consumption allowing us at the same time to increase our production capacity.”

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