Apeal highlights steel packaging benefits for food

A new film from the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (Apeal) has been launched to highlight the preservation qualities of steel packaging.

After recently welcoming the European Parliament’s (EP) initiative report – Resource efficiency: reducing food waste, improving food safety – Apeal is increasing its own efforts to drive improvements in managing food waste at all stages in the supply chain.

The film, which highlights the increased product shelf life and convenience of food packed in steel, forms part of a new campaign from Apeal: Less haste, save taste cut waste.

Alexis Van Maercke, secretary general of Apeal, said: “The positive contribution of packaging as a solution to the prevention of loss and waste along the supply chain has been recognised following the EP report.

“The challenge today is to ensure this message reaches as wide an audience as possible.”

According to the EU Fusions 2016 report, 88 million tonnes of food are wasted each year in Europe. It goes on to state that making the right packaging choices is fundamental if the EU is to reach its commitment to halve per capita food waste at retail and consumer level by 2030.

Van Maercke added: “No other packaging material equals steel’s strength, total barrier properties or shelf life. As a result, food packed in steel retains nutrients, appearance and flavour, and is less likely to be damaged, spoiled, or unnecessarily wasted.”

Preventing food waste throughout the supply chain:

  • Canned fruit and vegetables are most often harvested at their peak of ripeness and canned in as little as four hours, minimising product loss at processing
  • Misshapen or “ugly” food can be canned and processed as normal, minimising product loss at processing and retail
  • Steel’s strength and 100% barrier against light, water and air protects food, minimising product loss during transport, retail and storage
  • Portion sized packaging allows consumers to buy the precise quantity needed, minimising product loss at consumption.

The latest recycling figures from Apeal confirm that with 77.5% recycled in 2015, steel is the most recycled packaging material in Europe reinforcing its continued contribution to wider environmental and resource efficiency objectives.

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