Awards recognition for Rexam’s Fusion bottle

Rexam’s Fusion bottle won the Best Packaging award at the Beverage Innovation Functional Drinks Awards 2011 held in Washington DC at the end of March.

The company’s aluminium bottle was designed for the Ocóo Beauty Drink, which is produced by Pure Product in Hamburg, Germany. Ocóo and Pure Product also won the awards for Best Functional Drinks Brand or Business and Best Marketing Campaign.

Alex Jennings, vice president of sales and marketing at Rexam Beverage Can Europe & Asia, said; “We are really proud of the Ocóo Fusion bottle, the design is fun and eye catching, and the qualities of the Fusion bottle really add to the packaging design. It is fantastic that the bottle has been recognised in not only one but three categories at the Beverage Innovation Awards and great credit must go to the design and manufacturing teams here at Rexam.”

Ocóo is a light and fruity beauty enhancing drink packaged in Rexam’s Fusion bottles. The beauty drink, with an active ingredient complex that is proven to create radiant skin and hair, is given a striking and trendy image by the aluminium bottle. The Fusion bottle uses Drawn Wall and Ironed technology to combine the functional elements and graphic design potential that the can offers with the premium look and feel traditionally associated with the bottle.

Welf Jung, business development director at Rexam Beverage Can Europe & Asia, added: “We have been working closely together to produce a packaging option that is new and innovative and helps to give the Ocóo product a real impact on both the shelf and with the consumer. It is great to win these awards in recognition of a great product.”

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