PepsiCo launches natural version of 7UP

A new low-calorie ‘natural’ soft drink has been launched by PepsiCo Argentina.

Green by 7UP uses stevia as a sweetener, which is derived from a herb and is said to be as natural as sugar but without the calories.

The drink, which has been launched in South America, blends the lemon and lime flavour of traditional 7UP with just 38Kcal in each 200 ml serving. The product has made its way into the Argentinean market as the first soda brand that combines the stevia sweetener with a beverage.

Stevia is a substitute for sugar that is extracted from the Stevia Rebaudiana herb. It has been used in South America as a natural sweetener for hundreds of years, and is currently being added to foods and beverages in countries all over the world.

The PepsiCo Argentina team developed a campaign with a nationwide outreach to launch Green by 7UP. The new product will be targeted toward health conscious consumers looking for a natural product with a fresh flavour.

Green by 7UP will be available at all of 7UP’s points of sale, in individual 265ml cans and 1.5-litre PET bottles. This new line complements PepsiCo’s healthy beverages portfolio, which includes drinks such as Gatorade, Twister and H2Oh!

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