Masterchef finalists created tinned vegan menu

Masterchef runners up, Billy Wright and Jack Layer (aka Billy and Jack), have created a set of vegan canned food recipes for Canned Food UK.

The chefs’ three-course tinned vegan menu includes roasted sweetcorn hummus with crudité for starters, and a mushroom, lentil and spinach wellington with caramelised onion gravy and roast potatoes for the main course.

To finish, Billy and Jack developed a vegan pavlova that uses aquafaba, also known as canned chickpea water. Aquafaba can be used as a thickening agent to make vegan meringue instead of using eggs.

Billy said: “I know it sounds weird but trust us, aquafaba makes a perfect meringue. As this is a vegan pavlova, we also used coconut cream. Coupled with our boozy sauce made with tinned cherries it’s a match made in heaven!”

The menu also includes a vegetarian main option; an Indian veggie burger with coconut onion bhajis and for, those not following a plant-based diet, cod, bacon, artichokes and peas in a creamy chowder.

Each recipe will be available over the upcoming months on the Canned Food UK website and will also have an instructional video from Billy and Jack to help viewers recreate the dishes at home.

William Boyd, director and chief executive, Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association, said: “Our latest collaboration with Billy and Jack really showcases the versatility of canned foods and how they are suitable for a wide range of diets. As we all know, cans are a great nutritious, store cupboard staple, but they can also be lifesavers when you’re entertaining. Tinned food is convenient, time-saving and often pre-prepared.”

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