CPMC sets sights on Flanders

Chinese packaging manufacturer, CPMC, is looking to Flanders for the location of its production facility in Europe.

Another Chinese company, Illochroma Haoneng, settled in the city of Genk back in 2011, and in 2018, the two firms decided to establish a joint venture with a regional name (ye to be announced). The goal of their collaboration is to meet every need of the European beverage industry, with Flanders’ breweries in the spotlight.

“We want to bring 100%-recyclable packaging solutions to Flanders, along with state-of-the-art technology, high efficiency and large-scale production,” said Zhang Xin, chairman and executive director of CPMC.

“Both CPMC and Haoneng supply major beverage companies in China and Europe. Based on our long-term co-operation, it is mutually beneficial for us to set up a joint production base close to our strategic customers. Flanders’ dense transport network, skilled human talent and strong governmental support persuaded CPMC to settle in the region.”

Due to Flanders’ strategic location and transport network, CPMC believes that the region has the potential to become a major can manufacturing base serving beverage companies in Belgium, neighbouring countries and the rest of Europe.

With CPMC’s investment, Flanders is welcoming the first can manufacturer capable of serving local beverage and brewing companies from nearby. The Chinese packaging group will not only increase the options and competitiveness of these firms, but will also help them reduce their ecological footprints.

Guo Weiping, general manager of CPMC’s emerging project in Europe, said: “By producing aluminum cans locally in the region, we will significantly decrease the huge volume of packaging imported to Belgium and Flanders today, and, as such, cut CO2 emissions.”

“Our factory will be the first can manufacturing facility ever in Flanders and in Belgium as a whole, creating around 150 local jobs.” added Zhang Xin.

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    please notice that CPMC is not the first DWI can plant in Belgium.
    Before there was EURO CAN(Carnaud MetalBox) and was based in Mechelen were DWI Steel cans have been produced (33cl & 50cl),there was also SOBEMI(Continen tal Can)and was based in Lint producing also DWI steel cans. BOTH plants together had a capacity of approx. 2,5MM/day. BOTH plants have been shut down.
    Best regards
    Pierre Noltinck

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