Heilbronn Group to expand

Germany’s Heilbronn Group has acquired Heilbronn Pressen, a manufacturer of mechanical presses and complete stamping lines for the sheet metal forming industry worldwide. The new company will be integrated into the already existing holding structure and continue to act as a supplier for the general stamping market.

“Historical connections and strategic expansion of our product range were the reasons for the successful acquisition of Heilbronn Pressen,” explains Jens Mezger, CEO of the Heilbronn Group.

Heilbronn Pressen (founded in 1854 and formerly named Heilbronn Maschinenbau), had to file for bankruptcy in 2010 due to the recession. It had been sold to a Polish investor before that and in their hands, Heilbronn Pressen also acted as one supplier for Heilbronn Container Presses, which has its focus on the packaging and pharmaceutical market.

“The acquisition of our former supplier now offers our group the possibility to act as one successful partner for the complete sheet metal processing industry,” notes Mezger. “Be it as supplier for mechanical presses or complete lines for the general stamping market, as specialist for the packaging or pharmaceutical industry, for complete refurbishment or relocation projects, or for worldwide installation or maintenance.”

Since acquiring Heilbronn Pressen, all assets have now been bundled into one extended holding structure. “We are proud of finally having been able to acquire Heilbronn Pressen, whose products still have an excellent reputation in the metal stamping industry worldwide. Our experience in this industry and our excellent reputation with customers combined with financial stability and our future–oriented concept convinced the trustee to accept our bid in the end,” explains Mezger. ”But we do, of course, also have a huge responsibility towards our customers to continue to deliver first-class quality. This newly established structure allows all related companies to respond to our customers’ demands in the best possible way, and to ensure strength, financial stability and technical improvements for the future. I am looking forward to keeping and to regaining customer confidence in the market worldwide,” he adds.

The company’s holding structure is now made up of four operational companies which all act independently within the group.

They are: Heilbronn Container Presses (HCP), Heilbronn Service & Engineering (HSE), Heilbronn Retrofit (HRT) and Heilbronn Stamping (HST).

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