INX debuts new Color Perfection Magazine

Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive results of its global INX Color Perfection programme, INX International Ink Co has announced the introduction of its new Color Perfection Magazine. Each glossy, 4-colour print issue is designed to examine the connection between colour, design and metal can decorating around the world.

INX Color Perfection manager, Sarah Jacks, acknowledged the magazine contains in-depth news and information that beverage brand owners, brand design teams and metal decorators – who are launching new brands in cans, streamlining their colour management process and getting labels to market faster while improving efficiencies – can benefit from in each issue.

“With Color Perfection Magazine, we want to provide a medium to highlight our programme so no matter where you are in the world, you can gain valuable insights and ideas,” said Jacks. “Each issue will explore the connection between colour, design and metal can decorating. This one and future issues will include contributions from INX metal deco community members around the globe, ranging from executive management and technical experts to colour specialists.”

The inaugural 20-page issue was produced in partnership with Drucker Group, INX’s longtime marketing agency. Drucker Group’s Voice of Customer research team helped INX collect insights around the unique colour management needs of today’s brand owners, designers and metal decorators.

“The Drucker research showed we have an opportunity as a market leader to build a bridge between the design and decorating communities,” explained Jacks. “With our INX Color Perfection programme, our goal is to provide educational and relevant industry content for our customers, brand owners and designers. We intend to highlight the successes from their standpoint, and inform the industry on how INX color technologies have helped them speed their products to market.”

This issue’s cover story details the success Francis Ford Coppola Winery has experienced since employing the INX Color Perfection programme for its Sofia Coppola wine in cans. Jacks points out that Color Perfection Magazine will be a reoccurring publication with at least two or three issues per year. There is the possibility of special editions being created to highlight different applications and topics.

“The hope is that our other customers may be able to learn about beneficial products and services that INX has to offer and how they can be incorporated into their businesses,” she remarked. “This magazine is also a unique way to show the industry about things to look forward to that we are working on.”

One highly anticipated announcement – a new update to the INX 2-Piece Metal Color Catalogue and digital colour library – had its springtime launch put on hold due to the Covid-19 situation. Jacks said she wants to hear from readers after they’ve had a chance to read the magazine.

“This magazine is for our customers so we want to have input from them. Any ideas or success stories for future issues will also be considered and can be submitted to [email protected].”

To view or subscribe to INX’s new magazine, click here.

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