Sun Chemical releases 2019 sustainability report

Sun Chemical has released its 11th annual Corporate Sustainability Report for the year ending 2019.

The report describes Sun Chemical’s emphasis on sustainability in the way it develops, manufactures and distributes its products while also showing how it works with customers and suppliers to improve their sustainability goals.

The 2019 report shares key research and development highlights and Sun Chemical’s contributions to a more sustainable future, such as:

  • a long-term strategic target to reduce manufacturing CO₂ levels by at least 30% by 2030;
  • waste reduction programmes focused on improving the utilisation of incoming materials, promoting recycling and optimising the end of life of a product or material;
  • a silver corporate social responsibility rating by EcoVadis, a third party organisation that measures a variety of categories, including environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement;
  • partnerships with various industry associations and consortia focused on large-scale sustainability objectives;
  • products that are developed with bio-renewable raw materials;
  • solutions designed to improve PET bottle recycling and composting.

“At Sun Chemical, we understand the importance of sustainability and the demands that consumers have to ensure that the environment is top of mind in the development and manufacturing of packaging,” said Gary Andrzejewski, corporate vice president of Environmental Affairs, Sun Chemical. “We’re proud to be a partner that our customers can feel confident to work with, knowing that we’re doing everything we can to prioritise sustainability both in our product offerings and in our operations.”

“The 2019 sustainability report shows that we’re taking the initiatives necessary to achieve our sustainability goals and in turn, helping our customers also reach their eco-efficiency targets,” said Michael Simoni, global product stewardship leader, Sun Chemical. “By introducing strategic programmes, partnering with industry organisations and implementing solutions to reduce our energy consumption, Sun Chemical is working towards the greater goal of reducing CO₂ emissions and contributing to a more sustainable environment.”

The Sun Chemical sustainability report is available to customers and can be requested online at

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