thyssenkrupp launches consumer platform to increase awareness of tinplate recyclability

Germany’s sole manufacturer of tinplate, thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH, is informing German-speaking consumers about the recyclability and sustainability of tinplate with the launch of website

Carmen Tschage, head of communications and market development at thyssenkrupp Rasselstein, said: “Unfortunately, consumer knowledge about the excellent recycling properties of tinplate is still too low. This was shown by a representative survey by YouGov, which we commissioned in advance in Germany. For example, consumers think that the recycling rate of tinplate is only 55%. The actual figure of 91% is significantly higher. Just a few years ago, public interest in sustainability issues was very restrained. But that has changed since Greta Thunberg and Fridays for Future appeared on the scene. Today, consumers understand that rising mountains of plastic trash and floating plastic patches in the oceans are a real threat to the environment and ultimately to us humans, and they want to change their behaviour.” 

The survey also revealed that something has already changed in terms of thinking. It showed that when faced with a choice between two identical products with identical prices, 62% of consumers would prefer tinplate packaging—and only 14% would opt for plastic packaging. The media coverage of the plastic waste problem in the world’s oceans has even led 67% of all consumers to state that they want to buy less or no more products in plastic packaging. 

“There has never been better time to motivate consumers to favor tinplate. To show how tinplate is the better choice, we have created a modern, attractive website that can be accessed at www.weissblech-kommt-weiter.deThe articles on the platform highlight the ability of tinplate to be recycled multiple times, the closed material cycle of steel, and explain how tinplate is produced. The topic of green, climate-neutral steel, which is currently of great interest to the public, is also presented. In addition to the usual articles, there will also be regular entries in our blog. We hope to start a positive discussion regarding the sustainability of tinplate in German-speaking countries and that many consumers will take advantage of the offer to learn about the benefits and recyclability of tinplate packaging,” said Tschage.

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