Martens applies NMP machine from KHS to process cans

Martens brewery is planning to procure a second Nature MultiPack (NMP) machine from KHS to process cans. This extension makes the brewery more flexible and able to meet the growing market demand for environmentally-friendly packaging. 

Martens has relied on the material-saving NMP system from KHS since 2020, when the long-term partners began producing film-free six-packs of PET bottles for the retail trade in a joint venture. Now, Martens will apply the KHS system to its canning operations.  

The Belgian brewer will be able to form cans into stable yet easy-to-separate packs. This makes the use of shrink film or cardboard superfluous, cutting material consumption by up to 90%.  

While the brewery uses a machine that satisfies its requirements with a maximum output of 54,000 containers per hour, KHS now also has an Innopack Nature MultiPack machine for the high-performance range on offer. This further developed variant can manage up to 90,000 containers every sixty minutes – or 108,000 when running at overcapacity. 

Martens hopes that by expanding its NMP setup to include cans it can penetrate new markets.

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