Binary Botanical launches wine lovers’ beer in a can

Binary Botanical, which is marketed as ‘the beer for wine lovers’ and a healthier alternative to a glass of wine for those not so keen on hops, is now available in a 330ml aluminium can.

By using the leaf part of the plant (normally thrown away during the brewing process), the Good Living Brew team was able to create a tangy beverage which, according to the company is similar to Prosecco, and a low-calorie alternative to wine.

Up until now, Binary has been available in a sharing 660ml glass bottle and a single-serve 250ml glass bottle, for both the 4% and 0.5% versions.

The way the team approached the design of its new can was by sharing the concepts on social media to get feedback from their followers about which design they preferred. With this approach, the team were able to settle on a final design within one month.

Speaking of the new canned offering, Danielle Bekker, cofounder of Binary Botanical, said: “This was a real highlight to launch the can in time for summer picnics but we loved working with our binary tribe to settle on the final design.

“We’ve noticed a real shift towards canned beverages over the last year or so. With a background in supply chain innovation, seeking the most sustainable options possible is something we are passionate about.”

By adopting a can within their range, the company says it is further contributing towards the positive packaging revolution adopted by brands in the switch from glass and its fragility and heaviness, to a lighter more easily packable can.

Binary Botanical is made from hop leaves like a beer, yet brewed with a white wine yeast, meaning it drinks like a glass of sparkling white.

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