Canned Food UK launches awareness campaign

The nutritional benefits of canned food are at the forefront of a campaign that has been launched by Canned Food UK.

Throughout June the organisation is conducting a regional radio campaign in the West Midlands on Heart FM.

Using the familiar “Can Can” tune, a series of three advertisements are being run and will be followed up by four week partnership activity. The campaign is supported by a new web site where users can use a unique search tool to quickly find nutritious recipes, or submit their own canned food ideas. The campaign can also be followed on twitter, @yesyoucancan.

Most consumers do not understand why canned food lasts for so long claims Canned Food UK chairman Steve Gogerty: “If you ask consumers, more often than not they assume it’s down to some chemicals or preservatives, whereas nothing could be further from the truth,” he says. “One of the key benefits of the canning process is its ability to preserve the natural nutritional properties of foods for long periods of time without the need for preservatives.”

The campaign will inform consumers that canned food is simply “good food – canned”, stressing the nutritional benefits of canned food.

“Canned food has been used for decades but the new generation of consumers are largely unaware as to its key benefits, being nutritious, affordable and long-life, preventing waste,” adds Gogerty. “This campaign seeks to re-educate consumers and help households make the most of canned products through easy to use recipes and ideas.”


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