Aluminium Deutschland integrates DAVR into operations

Brazil, Germany and Japan have each successfully increased consumer participation in their national recycling programmes. Image: Shutterstock

As of 1 July 2022, Aluminium Deutschland (AD) is taking over the tasks of the Deutsche Aluminium Verpackung Recycling (DAVR). The existing DAVR will be dissolved and continued as an AD working group on behalf of the shareholders.

The DAVR aims to promote the image of packaging, especially with regard to recycling, to further optimise collection and sorting and thus to contribute to the sustainable development of aluminium packaging. This is done in cooperation with dual systems, waste disposal companies, recyclers and institutes as well as with the WirtschaftsVereinigung Metalle and the European Aluminium Packaging Market Group.

Thanks to the association’s existing expertise in the fields of aluminium recycling and aluminium packaging, the integration of DAVR highlights valuable synergies. AD already supports the trade associations recycling, aluminium semi-finished products as well as tubes, cans of extruded parts and thus reflects the relevant range of topics of the DAVR. In addition, AD supports working groups and task forces on the aluminium beverage can, which shines in Germany with a recycling rate of around 99%. The first DAVR contact person will be AD recycling expert Jörg Schäfer, supported by Seifeldin Raslan Mohamed.

Marius Baader, managing director of Aluminium Deutschland, said: “Packaging applications have a great relevance in the public perception due to their proximity to consumers. The decarbonisation of the aluminium industry and thus also efficient recycling are of central importance to us as an industry and association. The material aluminium with its excellent recycling properties and its innovative industry are a key to greater resource efficiency and make an important contribution to more climate protection. We are therefore looking forward to the tasks and challenges associated with the DAVR takeover.”

In addition to the above news, AD has also announced Tim Stappen (39) as the new head of Communications, Markets and Economic Policy (CMEP). He has been with AD since August 2021 and was previously part of the CMEP team as a speaker. Previously, he had been working at the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) in the Department of Economic Intelligence & Economics since April 2013. AD managing director Marius Baader, who was previously jointly responsible for the division, will from now on concentrate fully on his function as managing director. At the same time, AD is expanding its CMEP team with Ms Andrea Piontkowski, who will strengthen the area as a speaker from 1 July.

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