New debossing technique from Ardagh

Ardagh Group has used a new debossing technique to improve the appearance of aerosol cans for two of its customers.

A frangrance collection from fashion designer and brand owner Carolina Herrera and Montana’s Hardcore paint for graffiti art have both been given a new look.

Ardagh’s plant in Reus, Spain, developed the new process which helps emphasise a brand’s special qualities, secures its authenticity, or a combination of both.

For the fragrance, the packaging solution needed to match the brand’s premium credentials and artistic concept, evoking the personality of New York : modern, urban, charismatic, unique. Starting with a clean and straightforward looking tinplate aerosol can and an original design created by the Carolina Herrera Design Team of Antonio Puig,  the engineering team of Ardagh Reus developed a high quality de-bossed  feature applied  on the can body to achieve an altogether elegant and distinctive look.

This striking embossed new feature complements the subtle colour in the decoration and a transparent cap highlights the reflective dome and matching actuator. The debossing feature was designed and developed specifically for this project and required the modification of the existing production lines.

Montana Colours, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of artistic paint sprays, wanted to refresh its leading graffiti art range Hardcore. The company had encountered problems from counterfeiting in the past, and wanted a new packaging format that would guarantee the genuine and much cherished product to graffiti artists, refresh the brand and create renewed interest in graffiti art.

Ardagh’s solution is an entirely new and highly attractive debossed can that provides a perfect presentation for a product, which offers a selection of 45 colours with a high pressure, fast dry gloss finish.

The two new eye-catching and sleek designs demonstrate the versatility of metal packaging together with its ability to add value across a wide range of different market sectors.

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