Swivel tab for beverage cans

A new swivel tab has been designed to make beverage cans easier to open.

The swivel tab is designed to rotate around the top of the beverage can rather than be pulled up and away from the can.

According to Steve Archambault, inventor of the swivel tab, this simple change will make beverage cans easier to open, prevent debris as well as insects from getting into the can, prevent kids from cutting their fingers on the sharp edged mouth of the can and reduce the amount of spillage.

Archambault (pictured right) projects the worldwide royalty revenues from this tab to be in the hundreds of millions – if not the billions – over the next several years. He will allocate most of his revenues to charities and non-profit organisations, via a charity that he is about to establish, called the Uniting the World Foundation.

Money raised will go towards addressing the world’s most pressing crises.

Archambault has already patented his tab in the US and is in the process of filing for a global patent.

This new beverage can tab will swivel and can be easily rotated back into place over the beverage can hole.

“It’s really a natural step in the evolution of the beverage can tab,” says Archambault. “We’re going to funnel up to 75% of our profits from the royalties of the swivel tab into charities and not-for-profits that are already doing solid work geared to solving the world’s most pressing problems. And where there are problems existing organisations aren’t addressing, we’ll take the initiative ourselves.”

His foundation is committed to addressing the major crises in the world that governments and the private sector are not equipped to handle.

Archambault recognises he can’t solve all the world’s problems, but his vision is to do the most he can with the considerable resources made available from licensing the swivel tab.

Archambault plans to incorporate the company by late summer 2012 and found the charity by early fall.

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