Industrial Physics promotes energy-saving benefits of its CurveX

CurveX helps manufacturers that operate industrial ovens reduce energy costs by providing highly accurate and user friendly insights into oven temperature efficiencies and the curing conditions of coated products. Image: Industrial Physics

Industrial Physics is encouraging customers involved in industrial coatings looking to reduce energy costs to consider the energy saving properties of its TQC Sheen CurveX 4 and CurveX Nano Oven Logger Kits.

The call comes as the average prices in the non-domestic energy sector continue to increase. Latest figures from the UK Government show that the average price for electricity between April and June 2022 was 18.64 pence per kWh, up by 5.8 pence per kWh (45 per cent) compared with April to June 2021. The price for gas was 4.76 pence per kWh, which doubled from by 2.4 pence per kWh over the same time period.1

Figures from the wider European Union show year-on-year non-household gas prices in the first half of 2022 increased in all 25 EU Member States that reported those prices. The increase ranged from 67% to 271%.2 Within the USA, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) now expects natural gas prices to average above $6.00/MMBtu this winter, from around $4 in January3 2022.

Nico Frankhuizen from Industrial Physics said: “Our TQC Sheen CurveX range offers manufacturers that use industrial ovens a highly effective method of reducing energy consumption, optimise production processes and deliver a rapid return on investment. The information generated by the data loggers allows users to fully understand how efficiently their oven and production processes are running.”

They added: “The loggers can help them understand and quantify the energy required in the curing reaction of their products, be able to accurately profile their ovens and streamline their operations. From lowering the set temperature of the oven or increasing the production speed, these changes can lead to huge economic and energy savings for their business.”

Having a solution in place to cut energy use is an effective method of mitigating the effects of some of the recent energy price rises. The brand new CurveX 4 and CurveX Nano do this because they are intelligent temperature data logging systems that are specifically designed to provide users with complete profiles about their ovens and advanced insights of their coating productions.

In a recent independent analysis, the CurveX solution was shown to reduce an aluminium profile manufacturer’s energy consumption and costs by over a third. Previously, operatives at the company had to make guestimates as to the temperatures and time parameters of the oven, which was proving to be extremely costly in terms of energy use and requiring additional labour hours.

CurveX 4 and CurveX Nano have been a vital part of a growing number of paint curing oven operations around the globe, although its energy saving benefits have now made it more relevant to an even wider range of coatings manufacturers, according to Industrial Physics. The data logger provides highly accurate and user friendly insights into oven temperature efficiencies.

Reducing fuel usage also helps Industrial Physics customers meet their environmental commitments by reducing GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions at a time when COP27 is calling on all nations around the world to address climate change.

Frankhuizen added: “Industrial Physics’ CurveX 4 and Curve X Nano Temperate Data Loggers achieve impressive energy use reductions in industrial ovens by providing highly accurate information about the drying/curing time of the products.”

This data allows manufacturers to drastically improve the production process and make smarter decisions by quantifying exactly how long the coated product needs to remain in the oven and at what temperature. In addition, it informs manufacturers of the exact temperature the oven should be for each specific product.

By providing this highly accurate data, CurveX removes guesswork around optimum temperatures within industrial ovens.

CurveX 4 is an 8-channel temperature data logger that has been designed for ease of use. Its memory can store a total of 1,000,000 readings and is divided into 20 memory blocks of 50,000 readings each.

The CurveX family of loggers are supplied factory calibrated for immediate use and capable of measuring temperatures in the range of -100 °C to 1200 °C, with an accuracy of ±1 °C / 1.8 °F. It features a useful programmable paint type memory for immediate pass / fail result. Sample interval times can be set from 1 second through to 60 minute intervals.

The data logger is supplied with the Industrial Physics Ideal Finish Analysis software, which is supported by a range of operating systems including Windows vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10. This enables the creation of detailed reports and sharing to authorised personnel across the business.

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1  Department for Business, Industry and Energy report.

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