EXCLUSIVE: US canned food market gets campaign boost

Members of the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) are supporting a campaign designed to increase canned food sales in the US.

CMI recently sponsored an in-depth research programme to investigate consumer behaviour, specifically with regard to canned product impressions. The research found strong, positive perceptions of canned food among existing canned food consumers. Brand owners also contributed additional insights regarding consumer purchasing behaviour and support for a messaging platform to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of canned food.

CMI food can manufacturing members, led by Silgan, Crown and Ball, are now building a national marketing programme, based on the new research. The communications framework will reinforce the benefits of canned foods using the insights gained in the consumer research, employing a multi-level programme that engages food companies and retailers in helping consumers take advantage of the benefits of the nutritional value and ease of use provided by canned foods.

The campaign team developed a marketing campaign via three integrated channels. The first, a strategic consumer media campaign, will directly inform current canned food consumers and encourage them to purchase additional canned food products. The second is a national retail co-marketing program that involves trade advertising, arming brand owners and retailers with the programme’s key messages to share with consumers. The third component provides retailers and brand owners with the tools necessary to increase canned food sales.

CMI president Robert Budway said: “The detailed research we’ve conducted over the past year underscores consumer loyalty to canned food products and a shared recognition about canned food benefits. While there are some gaps we aim to fill, there is also an opportunity to communicate strong, positive messages about canned foods with our customers, retailers and, of course, consumers.”

*The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) is a trade association that represents the metal and composite can manufacturing industry and its suppliers in the US.

To read more about this campaign see the September issue of CanTech International.

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