United Breweries and Canpack collaborate on Queenfisher can

Image: Canpack

To celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month this year, India’s United Breweries Limited, part of the Heineken Company, has collaborated with Canpack to launch a special limited-edition beer. The new premium lager, named Queenfisher, complements the company’s best-selling Kingfisher brand.

According to Vikram Bahl, CMO of United Breweries Limited, Queenfisher is an all-women project that “began as a way for the company to celebrate female employees, but grew into a bigger concept and campaign” to become “a tribute to the indomitable power of female friendship.”

With a hoppy aroma, fruity flavour profile and mild bitterness, Queenfisher is designed to appeal to women consumers. The aim is to change traditional perceptions about gender roles, showing that female consumers can enjoy beer as much as their male counterparts.

The Kingfisher brand in India used to be associated with a calendar depicting glamorous female models. The new campaign aims to counter this legacy with a reimagined Queenfisher ‘Galendar’ featuring photo stories of women working together to overcome personal and social challenges.

Vikram Bahl explains that this limited edition is part of the company’s “focus on elevating consumer experience through premiumisation” and appealing to “a wider base of consumers that makes the category more exciting and vibrant.”

The colourful Queenfisher cans, produced by Canpack India, embody a glorious sense of sisterhood and inclusivity. Silhouettes of diverse female figures on a sumptuous purple ground dance around the brand’s iconic bird crowned as “Queen Of The Good Times.”

Anoop Kapadia, head of sales at Canpack India, said: “We’re proud to be part of this important project. We believe in making cans that make a difference. These cans are so much more than just eye-catching packaging for a great beer. They’re helping to create that feeling of empowerment and solidarity among women across India.”

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