US brewer starts canning its beers

US craft brewer Morgan Street Brewery has installed a canning system supplied by Cask Brewing Systems.

The company, which is based in St Louis, Missouri, has recently undergone an expansion and is now capable of producing upwards of 1,400 barrels of craft beer per year, including it flagship brands Golden Pilsner and Honey Wheat.

Following the expansion the company made the decision to can its beer and added a Cask manual canning system.

“Now we have the second largest beer canning system in St Louis,” says brewmaster, Dustin Chalfant. “We rival Anheuser Busch which started in St Louis in 1864! Mind you, we won’t be canning 2,000 cans per minute like them! But we will start canning our Gold Pilsner and build distribution and awareness of our first beer in a can. We are excited about the new market opportunities that this will give us.”

The company achieved success at last year’s US Open Beer Championship with its beers winning two gold medals and one silver.

Cask Brewing Systems has been working with the craft brewing industry since the early 1980s and has been building canning equipment for over a decade. The firm provides the whole canning solution – equipment and cans (through Ball Corporation) and guides the customer through the label design process.

“Our proven, compact automated, semi-automated and manual canning systems offer a cost effective way to enter the can packaging segment,” says Peter Love, president of Cask Brewing Systems. “

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