Rexam launches new printing technology globally

Following the launch of Editions last year in South America Rexam is now launching its new printing process globally.

Using the latest patent pending technology, Editions allows Rexam to produce eight to 24 designs of the same label simultaneously on a single pallet.

This printing innovation allows can fillers to deliver several designs to one single filling line, creating increased marketing opportunities for brands using beverage cans and improving efficiency in the filling process as designs are already mixed on the same pallet.

Editions can be adapted for all can sizes and is one of a number of innovations from Rexam that work to deliver added value and stand out appeal for customers.
Dr Lisa Carroll, director of technology at Rexam, says, “Rexam is delighted to be launching this most innovative printing technology to the global market.

“Editions will enable our customers to create, personalise and maximise their brand promotion to consumers and explore variety by using names, landscapes, silhouettes and even high definition images.

“All of this on one single pallet that ultimately results in variety in the multipack delivered.”

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